Pools are supposed to be a fun place to hang out after a long stressful week. Bugs and insects around the pool or even in the water could become a big problem for everyone. Call for mosquito control in Hilliard to get the best results and keep your swimming pool safe from infestations. 

If you are someone who struggles to get rid of the bugs around your pool, then here are some tips to keep insects away.

Taking Care Of The Landscape

You should consider keeping the surroundings clean. Insects, mosquitoes, and bugs are attracted to dirty places. Furthermore, weed and tall grass in your yard or around the pool could attract many bugs.

Get Rid Of Water Near Your Pool

You should make it a point to keep your surroundings free of water. Any area with water that is locked would create the perfect breeding space for mosquitoes or other kinds of bugs.

Use Chemicals

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You could make use of a variety of chemicals that help you reduce the number of bugs around your pool. Using sprays and repellents is also a good way to make sure that the bugs don’t hurt you or the kids.


There are certain types of scents that help in reducing or limiting the number of bugs and insects around you. You could make use of such scents to stay safe; lemongrass scent has been known to be one of the most effective ones.

Bird Houses

Birdhouses around your pool would help you prevent bugs and insects. Birds do a good job in eating and eliminating pesky insects.

If you are worried about the mosquitoes and other bugs around your house or near the pool, then calling for professional help would prove to be beneficial for you.