In this business, there can be no one size fits all package. Well, you do get those. They don’t cost you much, but having said that, you will have ended up wasting all of the capital that you put forward for this package. Better to invest in customized seo for small business owners rather.  How is this going to work? Well, you’ll be working with just the one company, that’s for starters. And within that company, a very small team will be assigned to work on your SEO project.

You have got to have a campaign manager. Well, she has been called different names to different companies, it just all depends on the companies’ specializations. So if for instance, this is work that is just going to be focused on SEO work, then you could be stuck with an IT manager. It is sometimes sad but so it goes. This is a guy who is usually regarded as something of a junior partner in the enterprise. But bosses value his expertise.

He becomes something of a brains trust in the organization. The boss would have to tread very carefully with this guy because no one knows IT and SEO better than this guy. And don’t forget to give this guy a good raise if this is you. Well, be careful who you bill your hours to because marketing and advertising work in general could become quite expensive. Perhaps try and do this rather. Become engaged with an independent consultant.

seo for small business owners

Pay him just that once off fee that lets him do a little target practice in terms of helping you and your organization to find an effective focus area that is going to shoot you your customers.